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A new Merit-GRACE journey

VietHope successfully gave scholarships for middle and high school students in Can Gio, HCMC and engaged them in the new format for GRACE enrichment activities last Saturday (27 December, 2015). Let see how the Merit-GRACE team did it. It all started with a brain-teasing yet productive night meeting 2 weeks earlier Then the team arrived […]


VietHope x Mogul: Joining Hands to Empower, Educate and Engage the Youth of Vietnam. Mogul is an award-winning platform for women worldwide to connect, exchange information and access knowledge. Mogul Courses provide students with complete guides designed to help them reach their goals in Career, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Beauty, Cuisine, Relationships and Travel. Mogul […]

80 freshmen awarded with USP scholarship for 2015-2016

After nearly 3 months of selection via 2 rounds (application form and interview round) #VietHope proudly presented 80 students in Hue, Saigon and CanTho city to receive USP scholarship for the academic year 2015-2016. These new USP recipients instantly showed up their talents and teamwork capability via group presentation and debate. Moreover, there is rising interest in the upcoming YDP program aka Summit and VietHope Alumni activities thanks to […]

Thank you letter from newly graduated USP recipients

Saigon, December 7th, 2015 Dear Ms Minh Phương and VietHope family My name is Nguyễn Hồng Thoại, I was born in 1991, and have just graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University, majoring General Medicine. I was one of the lucky students to receive VietHope’s USP scholarship in 2009-2010 organized in Ho […]

President’s letter Quarter 3 – 2015

Dear VietHope’s friends I am greatly excited to share with you in this VietHope President’s letter Q3 2015 a full report of our two training programs, SUMMIT and GRACE, that have taken place over the summer in Vietnam. I am extremely proud of what we have done with these two programs: instilling in our students […]

VietHope on Givology’s blog

Givology is really excited to partner with VietHope. Through a variety of programs, VietHope is making education accessible in rural areas of Vietnam. Today, the organization continues to expand quickly and meet the growing needs of a population who wants to get an education. We’re interviewing Annie Hoang, Director of the Alumni Program, to learn […]

Thông tin về học bổng USP năm học 2015-2016

GIỚI THIỆU Chương trình học bổng cho sinh viên đại học của VietHope niên học 2015-2016 sẽ dành 80 suất học bổng trị giá 200USD/suất để hỗ trợ cấp cho sinh viên năm nhất hệ Đại học Chính quy tập trung của 6 trường đại học sau đây: ĐH Nông Lâm Huế 20 suất ĐH […]

President’s letter Quarter 2 – 2015

Dear VietHope’s friends   It is a great honor for Viet Anh Tran, Dat Le, and myself, VietHope’s new executive committee, to lead this tight-knit organization of talented and dedicated individuals who share a desire to make a difference in the lives of many disadvantaged students in Vietnam. Your tremendous support and encouragement, pouring in […]

President’s letter Quarter 1 – 2015

Dear VietHope’s friends,  For many years, you have supported low-income students in Vietnam through our work. At VietHope, we have the team, the heart, and the skills to implement our scholarship programs. You add the community and the financial resources to make that happen, and we are grateful for your partnership. Together, day by day, we […]