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01/07/2020 | Tags: volunteer , project , VP

A brand new Volunteer Project (VP)

Tiếng Việt đọc ở đây

A brand new Volunteer Project (VP)


In April this year, VietHope Volunteer Project (VP) was initiated by a group of passionate volunteers from VietHope in both the U.S. and Vietnam. The main purpose of the project was to strengthen the community within VietHope and deepen members' connection with one another. After all, if we can be here for our students who need us, we can be here for each other too! 

And in order to achieve this vision of building a true VietHope family, the team has planned and executed 5 programs, which are:

  • Human of VietHope (HOV): a story-sharing platform with different topics

  • Hometown/Travel sharing

  • Virtual Book Club

  • Birthday Celebration

  • Check-in team meeting activities

After the first test month, HOV has received quite a few positive feedback from VietHopers with a total of 10 stories; each story got 21 likes and 5-7 comments on average. The first two topics are “Your childhood memory that shaped who you are and how you interact with others today” and “People in VietHope whom you are inspired by”. We hope this activity will create a safe and trustworthy environment for VietHopers to share their personal stories or memories with others, and help build stronger bonds between members within VietHope. You can find and re-read all of the content related to the program here: https://bom.to/DyMylX

In addition to the success of HOV, the Virtual Book Club also received good responses after the first meeting with 12 members on Sunday 08/23/2020. Although the Hometown/Travel sharing activity is still in the testing phase, three stories have been submitted to us.  About the Birthday Celebration and Check-in team meeting activities, we decided to keep them going since they already showed great involvement from VietHopers. 

With all the positive feedback we got so far, we are excited to see us move towards our end goal of bringing our volunteers closer together. If you have any questions about the project/activities or would like to join our wonderful team, please contact us at connect@viethope.org.

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