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20/08/2020 | Tags: ADP , training

Alumni Development Program (ADP) training series in first half of 2020

Tiếng Việt xem tại đây

Alumni Development Program (ADP) training series for the first half of 2020

In the first half of 2020, many of you must feel quite depressed when everyone has to stay at home to protect their health from the outbreak of Covid-19. So, how great it will be to learn more interesting skills to upgrade yourself. With this in mind, VietHope has launched an amazing online training series to support members of our great VietHope family and has ended successfully!

Soft Skills Training Series

Opening the training series is a session of 3 soft skills that are extremely necessary for students in the era of technology 4.0 now. Can you guess which soft skills are? Well, if you have guessed 2 out of 3 skills: "Meeting coordination, Time management and Negotiating skills", then you are very outstanding! The first training series, led by Mr. Phong Le  - VietHope Executive Director in Vietnam, has attracted more than 70 students for 2 hours each Sunday night for 3 consecutive weeks April 5, April 19 and April 26. Our members were able to interact directly with each other through the online meeting platform Zoom.


In particular, Ms. Quang Tran, a member of VietHope Board of Directors in the US, also attended "Time Management" training session. During these 2 hours, VietHope introduced to students the Eisenhower matrix steps to create a to-do list, goals setting, and scheduling tasks by priority.



Today, negotiation skill is not only an important skill at the workplace but also an essential one in everyday life. Therefore, during the training session, 24 participants were introduced to the different types, steps in negotiation, and some suggestions for negotiating in everyday life as well. VietHope hopes that this knowledge will help students improve their negotiation skills in particular, and their daily communication in general.




“Preparing for jobs” Training Series


Following the success of the first training series, VietHope continues to launch a new online training series with the theme "Preparing for jobs" in late May and early June. Specifically, the training attracted 30 committed participants throughout 3 parts and has the participation of many excellent trainers in Vietnam and abroad.

Mr. Phong started the training series this time on Sunday evening, May 31st with the section "Discovering Future Works". He provided students with valuable knowledge about different occupations, required skills for the positions, and job search platforms.



Ms. Nhung Vu continued the series with "Basic skills of writing CV" on June 7. Part 2 provided participants with an understanding of the necessary skills to write a resume, build a professional profile on online platforms such as LinkedIn and a post-session exercise so that all participants can practice applying these skills to revise their CV and resume.
Recognizing the importance of job preparation, VietHope has extended the second part of the series to one more session, focusing on reviewing and giving feedback to 20 resumes that students have devoted their time to preparing. In addition, apart from two HR experts, Trang Nguyen and Huong Truong, VietHope received support from another guest, Kimberly Ho, a regular sponsor of VietHope, who has more than 14 years in the field of Human Resource, voluntarily offering guidance to Vietnamese students to improve their CVs. Part 2 of the series "Preparing for work" ended with great success, enhancing students’ confidence in their job skills.

For many of us, job interviews can be intimidating and overwhelming, but we have this tip: Be yourself, even in a professional setting. Remember that this is an honest conversation between you and the interviewer who is trying to get to know you and find out why you are suitable for the job!

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, students met again on Zoom to learn skills and tips for success in a job interview. The training session was facilitated by Ms. Ha Huynh, a member of VietHope Board of Directors, and is supported by Kimberly Ho who has over 10 years of experience in HR. With the knowledge of career orientation and writing CV, the last part of this series provided students with necessary tasks to do before, during and after the interview.

Two mock interviews were conducted with 2 selected students out of 15 who submitted their complete CVs after the training session from the previous week. The survey after the session showed very positive results, before the training, only 32% of the students felt ready for a job interview, but after the training and the mock interview with feedback, 100% participants felt confident and ready to attend the next job interview!



Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from the participants like that, the training chain has been extended to 2 more demo interview sessions to facilitate all of you to be interviewed as well as interacting with other students. seasoned veteran trainers. The remaining 13 students who have not participated in the trial interview in the training session last week now have a chance to shine in the 1-on-1 interviews in this last training session. The students were divided into 4 online rooms, each led by a sibling in the interviewing panel. With valuable practical experience interviewed by experts and managers and receiving personal feedback, the students have learned to confidently develop their potential while counteracting your weaknesses to be more successful in job interviews. This could not be done without the brothers and sisters on the interview team participating in this last training: Ms. Nhung Vu, Ms. Trang Nguyen, Ms. Kimberly Ho and Mr. Phong Le.




Bui Ngoc Bich, after hearing feedback on her performance, shared her feelings about the program as follows:

“Dear VietHope family!

This morning I received personal feedback from Ms. Nhung Vu. I have realized what I need to change and improve thanks to her sharing. This raises my confidence and now I think I’m ready for future work.

Luckily being a part of the training series over the past two months, I can feel the enthusiasm and passion from the Board of Directors, volunteers; also many positive changes inside me.

Hopefully, all the good and meaningful things will continue to be spread more widely.

This Sunday is so special!"

VietHope believes that this training series has created invaluable opportunities for our members to learn and equip essential skills to get ready before stepping out of the university gate!
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