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01/09/2020 | Tags: newsletter , 2020 , US

VietHope Newsletter No. 01-2020

Welcome VietHopers! In this quarterly dose of the VietHope Newsletter, we bring to you a variety of exciting updates and novel developments in our community over the past few months.
For almost 20 years, VietHope’s mission has rested in the belief that valuable education is indispensable to Vietnam’s growth and its future. Even though the current world situation has seemingly held many back, VietHope has quickly adapted to continue its mission and establish a “new normal” for many Vietnamese students to continue to pursue and fulfill their dreams of a brighter future.

Be sure to keep reading below to see how this mission continues to be accomplished today with the strong support of our donors and how volunteers based both in Vietnam and the US have successfully collaborated to show that despite the predominant physical isolation mandated in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, the bonds within the VietHope family of volunteers and students have only grown stronger and closer than ever before!

In 2019, VietHope has spent $81,667 in total for 5 programs:

  • 185 scholarships in Merit Scholarship Program (MSP)
  • 123 scholarships and 26 COVID-19 sponsored students in University Scholarship program (USP)
  • 4 trainings; 2 company tours conducted; 2 alumni coffees with the total of 180 participants for Alumni Development Program (ADP)
  • 3 talk shows for Youth Workshop Program (YWP)
  • 2 Summits for 59 students in Saigon and Hue in Youth Development Program (YDP)
Thank you from VietHope students
We are happy to share with you thank you notes from 2 typical MDP (Merit Development Program) students we met at the scholarship ceremony last May. They just finished high school after a number of years receiving support from us.

Meet them through this video.


MDP (Merit) scholarship ceremony

The pandemic delayed our scholarship ceremony trip last December but it could not stop us from meeting with 83 students of 3 schools in Can Gio province, Saigon last May.

Follow our volunteers on organizing the scholarship ceremony here.

Covid relief package from our BOD

Around the beginning of May, VietHope launched a special initiative for Vietnamese students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic: Our Board of Directors decided on a grant budget dedicated mostly towards recipients' tuition costs to help ease the student’s burden.

Let's see how we did it here.

ADP’s training series

VietHope initiated 2 virtual training series open to VietHope alumni and students to be able to successfully thrive in the reality of the world we live in. Students also received one-of-a-kind one-on-one coaching from HR experts.

Let’s take a look at the “Soft skills” and “Preparing for jobs” here.

Meet Harvard & Stanford Alumni in YWP’s Talk 23  

Virtual meeting platform once again proved its edge over the offline talk shows in delivering new experiences, being closer to the speakers and expanding the attendance opportunities to students over the country.

Let us walk you through some key points in the Youth Workshop Program's talk show here.

A brand new Volunteer Project (VP) 

In April this year, VietHope Volunteer Project was initiated by a group of passionate volunteers from VietHope in both the U.S. and Vietnam. The main purpose of the project was to strengthen the community within VietHope and deepen members' connection with one another.

We are testing Human of VietHope (HOV), Hometown/Travel sharing, Virtual Book Club, Birthday Celebration, and Check-in team meeting activities in July and August; so far HOV has received the most positive responses and interactions from VietHopers.

Let’s find out more about them here!


With an aim to strengthening manpower and refreshing program activities, we are excited to introduce to you 2 Summit students who has just joined Core team and support in leading Youth Development Program and Merit Development Program in Saigon & Hue. Let’s welcome Core team’s youngest members!

After the July recruitment, Media team are happy to welcome 4 new members to support VietHope in different activities of media aspect with an aim to building a stronger VietHope brand image. Let’s get to know them!

Let’s welcome 2 new VietHope’s Vice Presidents to join our Executive Committee in the US: Tung Do and Mai Duong. We hope they will be committed to both shaping and making VietHope's vision come true. Say hi to Tung and Mai!

We would like to announce some transitions within the Board. Two of our Board members, Tien-Anh Nguyen and Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang, have stepped off the VietHope Board. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Board member, chú Tuệ Nguyễn. Our Board of Director has brought VietHope’s growth for nearly 20 years.

Read more about these new VietHope family members here.
Due to COVID-19, our students’ and their families’ finances have been greatly impacted. Recognizing and understanding the obstacles our students are facing amid the pandemic, VietHope has spent $3000 to help 26 students who are in need financially. In addition to that, the Appreciation Dinner will be cancelled this year due to the complicated COVID-19 situation in California. 

For that reason, we would like to offer the donation opportunities to everyone via our VietHope newsletter. If you want to become a part of our community - who value education worldwide and believe in the chance to make this world a better place for the future generations, please feel free to reach out to us at: info@viethope.org or donate directly on our website viethope.org.

On behalf of all the staff, volunteers, and students at Viethope, thank you so much in advance for your support!


Media team
Volunteer Project team

Photo credits:
VietHope & Students

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