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Summary of USP 2018-2019

20/04/2019 |  
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2018 USP received scholarships from students from 7 universities across the country, including the newly expanded Hue University of Economics. The year 2018 became the first year of the program to supplement the online application method, facilitating student submissions for scholarships.

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With the Merit Scholarship, this was the first time that VietHope was piloting how to score MDP documents in Can Gio through a detailed scale aimed at professionalizing the application process as well as specifying and enhancing transparency and quantification of assessment results for MDP student recipients. VietHope hopes these improvements will bring many long-term benefits to scholarships in the future.

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Happiness is the way

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Xin chào các bạn! Chương trình Học bổng cho Sinh viên Đại học của VietHope niên học 2018 -2019 sẽ dành 100 – 120 suất học bổng (tùy vào số lượng hồ sơ xét tuyển) trị giá 300 USD/suất để hỗ trợ cấp cho sinh viên năm Nhất hệ ĐH Chính quy tập trung của 7 trường Đại Học.

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