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VietHope Executive Committee in Vietnam 2018

2018 is a very special year for VietHope, especially for the Vietnam team due to HR and organizational changes. This is the first time we organize a Core Team of 5 volunteers, who each manage a program. The Core team members are receiving professional coaching on teamwork and program management from Ha Huynh, a Boardmember of VietHope.

1. Lê Phú Đông – Senior Director cum Representative of VietHope in VietNam

  • VietHope’s USP Scholar and alumni of the first Youth Development Program in 2009
  • Top 30 of highest scoring students on the entrance exam of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications; majored in Testing Software Management; Technology Innovation Award in the national, city, and university level.
  • Worked in different positions at VietHope such as Assistant Director and Director; Dong created and ran the popular Youth Workshop Program for students.
  • His favorite proverb: “Your Life, Your Choice”

2. Phương Thanh – Director in Vietnam

  • Manages advertising and communication for VietHope; supports the Merit Development Program for secondary and high school students
  • Studied Finance at Foreign Trade University; Currently working in Marketing department at Triumph VN
  • Passionate about volunteering; has been with VietHope for nearly 10 years
  • Loves backpacking, nature, and pets
  • Her mantra to remind herself to be open and enrich her knowledge: “Life is short but the world is wide”

3. Trà Mi – Manager of The Merit Development Program (MDP)

  • Mi received a Master of Anthropology at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Works as researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the South
  • Received USP Scholarship, part of 2nd generation of Summit
  • Volunteered for VietHope for 8 years
  • Interested in discovering new and exciting hair styles, outfits, cooking, etc; and doing some community projects to connect and share in the academic sector, education, tourism and…beer
  • Favorite quote: “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in” – Ernest Hemingway

4. Kim Ngân – Assistant of The Youth Workshop Program (YWP)

  • Majored in Marketing at Can Tho University
  • Received USP Scholarship, part of the 5th generation of Summit
  • Volunteered for VietHope for 5 years
  • Loves giving joy and helping people in need, so she decided to volunteer with VietHope
  • Outside of volunteering, she is Interested in travel, discovery, and photography
  • “God will pay the right price for the effort we spent” – This is the quote that she always keeps in mind to try her best more and more.

5. Thu Hà – Assistant of The Alumni Development Program (ADP)

  • Currently a student of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Ho Chi Minh City University of Science
  • Received USP Scholarship and part of the 7tth generation of Summit
  • Loves reading personal development books, listening to music, playing with pets, planting small trees, and volunteering
  • “Give kindness to receive kindness”. She always believes that Happiness is not far away but comes from very little simple things.
  • Her favorite saying: “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth”

6. Huỳnh Như – Assistant of The University Scholarship Program (USP)

  • Currently a senior student, majoring in Tourism Administration at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Received USP Scholarship and part of the 8thgeneration of Summit
  • Volunteered with Viethope for 3 years
  • As a student of  “travelling thousand miles” major, her biggest hobby is going to places along the border of the country with rich ethnic culture.
  • Nhu believes that “After the verb “To Love”, “To Help” is the most beautiful verb in the world.” – Bertha Von Suttner

7. Mỹ Phương – Assistant of The Youth Development Program (YDP)

  • Phuong is from Cu Chi – The land of heroic and faithful people

  • Will graduate from The Faculty of Geology at Ho Chi Minh City University of Sciences

  • Part of 7th generation of VietHope’s Summit

  • In charge of The Youth Development Program – Summit 2018

  • She always believes that: Nothing is impossible.If other people can do it, she can do it even better.

8. Huỳnh Minh Hà – Board of Director 

  • Currently Director of Personnel Department at Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Ho Chi Minh City Branch

  • Alumni of Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, graduated with BA in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations, Vietnam and Masters of Marketing degree from the University of Bath, UK.

  • Ha is all about green color, travelling, and children. Moreover, she is addicted to VietHope. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors and the management coach for Core Team in Vietnam.

  • “Live well, laugh often, love much” is the concept of her life.

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