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Current Board Members

Quang Tran headshot

Quang Tran

Quang Tran has volunteered with VietHope since 2007. She co-led creation of the Youth Development Summit in 2009, and was VietHope's President 2010-2012. Quang last visited Vietnam in 2012, when she had a great time participating with 30 Vietnamese college students in the YDP Summit in Saigon. Quang works in product management. She holds a B.A. from Harvard, and a joint MBA and Masters in Education from Stanford.

Quang Duong Headshot

Quang Duong

Quang Duong started as a University Scholarship Program (USP) lead in Fall 2007, overseeing USP’s application review operations and volunteer recruitment. He was vice president of VietHope 2013-2016, and then president 2016-2018. Quang Duong holds a B.A. from Harvard, an M.S. and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is currently a software engineer at Google in Mountain View, California. Quang has been leading product development at Google Maps and currently at the new division of Google Health.

Sam Nguyen Headshot

Sam Nguyen

Sam Nguyen has been a long-term generous donor and supporter of VietHope, and now a member of our Board. He is currently a patent attorney, partner at HDC IP Law LLP, as well as a founder and executive member of several pharmaceutical startups. His IP work deals primarily with prosecuting pharmaceutical based patents and developing novel pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various diseases.

Ha Huynh Headshot

Ha Huynh

Ha Huynh has volunteered with VietHope since 2006 with many roles as the student recruiter (USP), the project management trainer (YDP), the speaker (YWP), the fundraiser, and the coach of the Vietnam Executive Committee team. Ha received the Endeavour Executive Award of the Australian government and participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program of the U.S. Department of State. Ha holds an MSc in Management from the University of Bath (UK) and is currently the Director of Personnel Department at Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Ho Chi Minh City Branch.

Tue Nguyen Headshot

Tue Nguyen

Tue H Nguyen is a retired Biotech / Pharmaceutical Development professional. He and his wife Quyen are quite well-known to Viethoper’s in the Bay Area. They have hosted the Appreciation Dinner and other VietHope’s gatherings at their home in Redwood City, and are personal friends of many Viethopers. Tue H Nguyen received his BS in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Saigon, VN in 1973, and earned his MS and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Kansas, USA. He worked for over twenty years at Genentech as R&D scientist, and in various scientific managerial positions. He left Genentech to join a non-profit pharmaceutical organization leading its R&D effort to develop treatments for neglected diseases in developing countries until his retirement.

Executive Committee Members


Vy Truong


Vy is currently a senior student majoring in Mathematics-Computer Science at University of California-San Diego. Vy joined VietHope in 2020, started with helping Mr. Tung Do, then VietHope’s Vice President of Technology with setting up the organization internal wiki page, and assisting in VietHope Virtual Appreciation Night.  Vy is currently responsible for VietHope technical projects, including website improvements and the organization’s internal collaboration tools maintenance. 


Tam Nguyen


Tam is currently a Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at the University of Minnesota. After graduating in May 2021, she will join the Clinical Development team at Allergan, and AbbVie Company in Irvine, California. tam began volunteering for VietHope in 2020 and she is currently working in the Google Fundraising Campaign with Mai Duong. Tam is looking forward to getting involved more with VietHope activities and seeing how the organization grows in the future. 

Tung Do Heashot

Tung Do


Tung is currently working as a Software Engineer. Previously, he had experience working in Silicon Valley, New York City, and Los Angeles, also as a software engineer. Tung has been volunteering for VietHope since 2018 and has been involved in the new website project, which launched in October 2019. Currently, Tung is overseeing VietHope technical projects, and making new improvements to the website. Tung graduated with Honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in Electrical Engineering in 2012.

Mai Duong Headshot

Mai Duong


Mai has been working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research as a biostatistician since 2019 after working in the medical device company for 1.5 years. She helped VietHope with the Google fundraising campaign 2019 as a project manager and is looking forward to getting involved more with VietHope in the future. Mai received her B.S degree in math and statistics from University of Minnesota, and M.S degree in statistics from North Carolina State University.