Our Programs

For highschool student

Merit Development Program (MDP) helps highschool students to stay in school rather than having to work early and help them well-prepared for the future with

  • Scholarship
  • Vocation training
  • Essential soft skills


For university student

VietHope Student Development program (VSDP) is comprised of multiple services targeting various needs throughout their university journey:


University Scholarship Program

USP grants scholarships to select freshman students with an excellent academic record, who demonstrate leadership potential in both career and community. 


Youth Development Program

Through a life-changing, week-long bootcamp, YDP offers university students a unique experience to acquire and practice soft skills with fellow students and volunteers through community belonging and sharing.


Youth Workshop Program

Through talk shows and open forums, YWP offers you the opportunity to gain real-world  insights from inspiring business and career professionals..

Alumni Development Program

Alumni Development Program

Designed specifically for VietHope scholarship recipients, ADP targets the interests and needs of our alumni, supporting their continued growth and development.


Mentorship Program

The program connects VietHope scholarship recipients with the right mentors to help junior students achieve their goals. Mentors will be experts suitable for each student in the VietHope network.

For VietHope volunteers

Viethope Fellow Program (VFP) provides real-world training for VietHope core team members nutured with service-based learning model, e.g. Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership.