Alumni Development Program


With the desire to support generations of VietHope's students to develop and ultimately reach their full potential after receiving USP scholarships and joining the Youth Development Program (YDP), VietHope has founded the Alumni Development Program (ADP) as a continuation program to cultivate students with updated practical knowledge and practice to equip them with tools and skills to thrive in the real-world.

Moreover, VietHope believes that the ADP helps create a productive space where VietHope volunteers and alumni can interact amongst each other and with guest speakers and external stakeholders from prestigious companies and organizations, promoting networking opportunities and interactions while maintaining intricate connections with VietHope's activities. "


Alumni Development Program (ADP) is a special program specifically designed for student recipients of VietHope's scholarships, which consists of a variety of knowledge-based activities to provide insight into practical applications and skills for specific interests and needs of students and alumni.

Current notable ADP features and activities include:

- Training academic and job skills

- Interactive talk shows with prestigious guest speakers

- Tours to reputable companies and organizations

- Scholarship and career opportunities offerred by ADP's strong network

Group picture at ADP Alumni Sharing 01


Since 01/2018, VietHope has hosted successfully 12 programs that attracted 209 young people and 18 guest speakers on a variety of fields and knowledge:

Alumni Talk 1 (Saigon): Study abroad opportunities and experiences.

Alumni Talk 2 (Can Tho): What to do when having no basis of English language

Alumni Talk 3 (Saigon): Personal Finance Management and Career Development

Alumni Talk 4 (Saigon): Finding Scholarship Opportunities

Alumni Talk 5 (Saigon): Creative Thinking

Alumni Talk 6 (Online Talk): Nothing is Impossible

Alumni Training (Offline): Debating skill

Alumni Training 1 (Online): Meeting Coordination Skills

Alumni Training 2 (Online): Time Management Skills

Alumni Training 3 (Online): Negotiating Skills

Alumni Company Tour 1: Working Environment and Employment Policy at Unilever

Alumni Company Tour 2: Working Environment and Employment Policy at Vinamilk



During the company tour at Vinamilk headquarter and factory, I had the opportunity to see many special things that I have never known before. I learned about the organization, its operation, and some exclusive programs to support and develop human potential, especially for students who don't have much experience such as the "Management Trainee" program. I think I was so fortunate to know about the program. In addition, I learned more about Vinamilk's new products and more importantly, saw with my own eye the milk production process at the factory. So amazing and unimaginable! It also helped me understand my role in a factory in relation to my field of study. Thank you, VietHope and Vinamilk for creating this opportunity so that I could participate and learn many wonderful things.

A student participating in the Vinamilk company tour


"First of all, I'd like to say thanks to Mr. Phong for organizing this event so that I can create a playground for learning and sharing with students here. It is my pleasure to be able to come here. I also feel that the path to creativity is actually not simple. [...] And the future of a person [...] is definitely a good, bright and happy one. [...] Why? Because our future is our choice and we are the one who creates our own future right from this moment. So I'm grateful for what I have, how people around me are supporting me, how they can help me to pursue my development path towards the desired future. And it is quite difficult to create that future on one's own. Therefore, Phong and Dong have such a community together to learn, develop and create the future we dream of. I wish a great future to VietHope and your community."

Guest speaker of Alumni Talk "Creative Thinking"

Alumni Development Program

Designed specifically for VietHope scholarship recipients, ADP targets the interests and needs of our alumni, supporting their continued growth and development.

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