YWP: Talk25 – Proactively grasp the new normal opportunities

The complicated and worrying situation of the Covid pandemic, although has changed the operation of many industries significantly has also facilitated the emerging of new trends. Have you  ever wondered how industry groups and recruitment trends had changed and what young people need to prepare when entering a new normal? Understanding the minds of young people and their accompanying mission, the VietHope Youth Workshop Program organized a Talk show 25 with the theme of “GRASP THE NEW NORMAL OPPORTUNITY”. With the participation of expert guest speakers including:

Ms. Ngo Hong Bao Ngoc – Head of Talent Acquisition Department of Coca-Cola Company in Vietnam.

Ms. Tran Ngoc Bao Khanh – Career Specialist, Teacher of Soft Skills, Basic Department, FPT Practical College & Nguyen Tat Thanh University.

Ms. Huynh Minh Ha – Head of Organization and Personnel Department at VCCI – HCM

Talk show answers the following specific questions:

  • Covid brings difficulties and opportunities to young people, what are they?
  • Which industries thrive in the new normal and “post-covid”?
  • If you have chosen a career that is not in the above groups, what should you do?
  • Suggest some self-improvement strategies to meet the new trend?

Talk show was created to help young people have a more general view of future career opportunities, grasp changes, take advantage of immediate difficulties as an opportunity to prepare mentally, practice skills, and equip themselves with a good knowledge base to be ready for the “new normal”.